NPT-New Polyurethane Technologies, based in Italy, has been developing and producing high performance adhesives and sealants for over 20 years. From the beginning our goal has been to offer innovative, advanced technological solutions to meet the needs of the global marketplace. NPT has a strong team that works together to deliver the highest value in terms of customer satisfaction, innovation and sustainability. NPT is supported by a talented and highly motivated research department featuring modern, up-to-date equipment, the latest analytical tools and impressive pilot plant facilities. NPT will work with you to develop tailor-made products that not only improve your products and processes but do it in a way that is both user and environmentally friendly. In terms of NPT’s unique product offerings, consider the example of NPT’s patented EcoSiMP technology. This is the technology developed by NPT that enabled us to offer the first silane adhesives and sealants that were both methanol and tin-free. The EcoSiMP technology combines all the advantages of silane chemistry with the added benefit of eliminating tin catalysts and the evolution of methanol during cure. It is the latest example of NPT’s cutting edge technology that offers our customers products that are more user friendly with less environmental impact than existing products. NPT’s workforce is highly skilled, committed to safety, product quality and continuous improvement. Our manufacturing plants feature highly automated material handling, drying and mixing systems. These are attributes that combine to ensure that our customers will benefit from new and innovative products produced in a safe and cost effective manner both now and in the future.

GROUP DOLLMAR is one of the European leaders in the distribution of chemical products mostly in the chlorinated solvent field. For years Dollmar has produced and marketed ad hoc formulated products and supplied solutions at 360° for surface treatment. The range of services is completed by offering specialized consultancy for the installation of equipment and assistance in environmental consultancy and safety. In synthesis, the main business areas are:
1) CHEMICAL PRODUCTS: Industrial chemicals, Resale (products for ironmongers, paint shops and car repairing – VMD Italia) and Products for surface treatments.
2) EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES FOR SURFACE TREATMENTS: Surface treatment systems (supplied by subsidiary Dollmar Meccanica),Chemical assistance, technical consultancy, environmental consultancy (supplied by EOS – Earth Observing System) and Surface pre-treatments solutions. It’s profound competence, excellent quality and advanced productive and logistic structures have obtained significant results for Dollmar which today boasts an annual turnover of 150 million euros, for the most part in Italy but growing abroad too. As leader in the chemical product sector, Dollmar Group is evermore a reference point also for surface treatment systems.

VMD ITALIA, founded in 1994, developed its own production in the aerosol sector, focusing first on technical products for the automotive, industrial, hardware and office sector, then on spray paints and medical devices. All products are formulated, developed and realized inside our company. VMD’s laboratory is constantly engaged in researching and developing more and more innovative performing formulations. Today VMD can count on a renewed and complete sales network both national and international. Thanks to an important agreement with Dollmar Spa in 2012, aimed at consolidating its know-how, VMD is synonymous of progress, service and quality; today VMD is a leader company in producing sprays and solvents. We want to share this new exciting adventure with our customers by offering a new catalogue that can be downloaded from our company App, unique in its kind thanks to the innovative technology in constant development. In 2010 starts the VMD SPAIN adventure with the aim of offering a more precise service and the most accurate attention for the iberian customer.

LTF SpA LTF, SINCE 1965 A VALID SUPPORT FOR THE PRODUCTION INDUSTRY The LTF SpA mechanical workshops have been operating for years in the manufacturing, testing and tuning of instrumentation, equipment and machines for precision mechanical processing. It has its main settlement on an area of 55,000 square meters with more than 20,000 square meters covered.
LTF SpA acquired AOM SpA in 2010 but has already been present since the 1990s in its share capital. ASTURO ORIGINAL MAVES SpA is one of the most important manufacturers of painting systems and equipment in the world; was the first company in Italy to produce spray guns, since 1925 with the ASTURO-GROSSI brand.
The ASTURO ORIGINAL MAVES by LTF SpA products are an industrial reference point in the field of surface painting systems and machines.

MASTICI VOTTERO is well-known Italian manufacturer of all kinds of silicones, acrylic sealants and various types of construction adhesives. Over the years, they have developed a wide range of professional products for wholesale and retail. The selection of the highest quality raw materials, the possession of the CE certificate as well as the constant innovation and monitoring of the market demands have enabled us to constantly increase the sales of over 15 million sold silicone cartridges in Italy, on the Balkans and all around the world. In addition to our own brand Masters, they also produce for the world's leading companies in their personal brand. Excellent service, flexibility and responsibility are characteristics that have been recognized for over 35 years.

LECHNER SPA is an Italian manufacturer of chemical products for parquet, pvc, artificial grass founded in 1920 in Arquata Scrivia. They are focused on the ability to adapt to constantly changing market demands, perfecting the formulations and the ultimate professional service of their team. Thanks to the flexibility of the plant and the professionalism of its staff, Lechner is today a national and international reference point in the production of all types of adhesives and colors for laying and maintenance of floors and walls of wood, rubber, PVC, carpet, synthetic grass, and screed preparation products . Another important element of Lechner is to provide customers with ongoing technical and professional support.

The brand SIGILL is a historic brand of PIGAL factory that has been on the Italian adhesive and sealant market since 1978, has become synonymous with quality and reliability for many professionals and end users in the last few decades. The entire production, together with research and development work, is located in Crespellano (BO), where the warehouse and the company's management are also located. High technological and productive knowledge has enabled us to constantly develop and improve the current offer that represents a complete range of products. Innovation, quality and commercial dynamics are the cornerstone of business.