Bima International is an export intermediary company specialized in facilitating trade in the European market. Since its foundation in 2004, has developed a wide network of associates and business partners across Europe and is present on the market of 16 countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Albania, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Israel, Poland, Belarus and Slovakia ... Bima International offers high competence based on professional experience and young, international and highly professional team of collaborators. Our excellent knowledge of the market on which we work and current trends, give us possibility to monitor our clients to reach success in new markets.

Biljana Karapandžić, the owner of the company, graduated from Faculty of Economics in Belgrade in 1998 and further professional development continues in Italy. She started her career in January 2001 at the Colorchimica Spa factory in Verona, where she worked as an Export Manager, developing a distribution network and following the market demands in the Balkans, gaining basic experience. In April 2004, she decided to start an independent career and open the company with the support of her family as well as of her key strategic business partners. Step by step, she is expanding her network in over 16 countries and satisfied clients, some of which are the world's most renowned multinational corporations with whom she have a personal brand agreement, are recommending her to other members of the Group in other regions. We are continually following customers’ requests for mutual satisfaction and developing cooperation with new business partners throughout Europe.

Bima International offers you the following services:

  • Market analysis (Which are our most important competitors? What are the competitive prices? What are the still unmet needs in the market? What is the probability of selling a new product? Which is the best sales channel for product promotion?
  • Search for business partners (We choose adequate contacts for the specific needs of our clients)
  • Search for a product (Our services for finding foreign suppliers offer the opportunity to establish business relationships for the procurement of raw materials, semi-finished products and other necessary parts for your production)
  • Organization of trade fairs (We take care of your participation in fairs - from registration to the organization of the booth, including the organization of your trip and stay)
  • Market Development Strategy and Distribution Organization.

Bima International has the ability to operate in all market sectors. Over the past years, we have had success especially in:

  • Automotive sector - PU adhesives, PU adhesives for car glass, MS polymers, technical sprays, idustrial cleaners and degresers.
  • Building sector a complete program for the installation of parquet and pvc, paints and varnishes, varnishes for wood, silicones and sealants, PU foams, paint sprays, thinners etc.
  • PPE sector Personal protective equipment